I am really excited to share with you my favorite interview questions. These are the interviewing questions I have shared for over 23 years. I have shared these same questions with all the executive job seekers I have helped over the years. When you use these questions they will help transform the results of your interview. Finally you will be in a position of getting great answers that will help give you the road map of where you are in the interview process and where you are going.


I look forward to helping you with your job search success in 2014!

Eleanor Anne Sweet – The Job Search Expert and Author

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“Eleanor has more connections than the soundboard at a Coldplay concert. And if you’re going to be a Career Coach/Headhunter, nothing is more important. The reason she knows so many people–people who will gladly take her call– is that she not only knows her field, she gives everyone her full attention and respect. In a field littered with charlatans, money-grabbing Websites and late arrivers, Eleanor is the real deal.” – Bob S. – Akron, Ohio

“Eleanor possesses the best combination of qualities for an executive recruiter and mentor for candidates. She is communicative and available, but always honest and up-front with clients and candidates alike. She is an excellent coach and works hard to prepare candidates for the challenges of the job search and ultimate interviewing process.
In her coaching program for candidates she provides them with the tools necessary to identify opportunities in the hidden jobs market. I have personally worked with Eleanor as a candidate and client and found her to conduct her practice with the utmost integrity. She is always at the top of her profession and a pleasure to work with.” – Dan S. – Cleveland, Ohio

“Professionalism is foremost when it comes to making reference to Eleanor. Her knowledge of the marketplace and the various ways in order to approach the present day environment, allows an employment candidate to realize that her path for success is key and does work. Her seminars and consultive guidence is worth more than gold. Her directives and thought initiating visions have helped me gain a more defined path and direction in which I have landed a Director of Sales and Marketing position.
Down to earth terms, everyday life situations and personal experience is conveyed during her lectures. One can only leave to go out and make it happen. Eleanor is truly the best take advantage of her outstanding abilities.” – Ira A. – New Jersey