“Great Interview Questions That Change The Game!”

Problems With the Interview Process You Need to Know, Understand and Have Impact On:

There are interview questions that you will be asked that will determine whether you get to the next step in the interviwing process.

Most job seekers do not realize that they are stopping themselves getting to the next interview, based soley on their answers during the interviewing process.

Answers that leave the interviewer misunderstanding your background and ruling you “out of the race”  based soley on the quality of your answers can be frustrating. You will never know why you did not make it to the next step.

In our Free Great Interview Questions Training Seminar, I will take you through the secrets on how to strengthen yourself based on the quality of your answers during the interview process.

I will cover:

1. The  answers to some of the great interview  “trick” questions

2. How to stemgthen your rapport with the interviewer with your great interview answers.

3. Sharing with you how to maximize the interview for yourself and your job search.

You will gain:

1. Answers to great interview “trick” quesitons.

2. Learn how to be in more control during the interview process.

3. Create better rapport with the interviewer.

4. Gain a better understanding where you stand in the process.

5. Ability to handle some of the toughet questions to answer.

You are invited as my guest to attend this free webinar (a $97 value).

 Be sure to reserve your spot today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2010,     8PM CST, 6PM PST