Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions part 2

21 More Challenging Interview Scenarios

4.  Worried about being considered “Over Qualified”,  Anxiety over being considered overqualified

During the interview, make sure that you express interest, admiration, and enthusiasm for both the position and the company. Nothing wins over a hiring manager more than a positive attitude and a passion for the job and the employer.

If you are sensing that the interviewer may be deeming you overqualified, you can address the issue head on. Simply ask, “What can I do to convince you that I’m the best candidate for the job?”

5 . Tell me about yourself.

This is a great open-ended line of questioning, but you have to be careful not to wander off. Don’t ramble on and on about information that the interviewer is not really looking for or does not really care about. Keep it brief. You can even ask them if there is a specific time period or part of your resume they are particularly interested in.
When asked to talk about yourself, you say, “It would help me to answer that question if you could give me an idea of what the three most important traits or characteristics are that you’re looking for in an ideal job candidate.” Then sit back, wait, and listen. If you are able to pose this question of the interviewer, use their answer to guide your response. You then take three mini success stories or SAR situations that are appropriate to the situation and share that information with them. That way, you are really giving them the relevant answers they are looking for. In essence, you are addressing their “hot buttons.”

6.  Describe to me a project you were involved with where you were disappointed in your own performance.

Use your answer to describe to the interviewer what you learned from that experience. Show how your skills have helped you to overcome barriers you’ve encountered in the past and how you learned from those experiences.

Again make a document for yourself with each of these questions and create your answers. Save the document and study it. Practice your answer a loud with a partner or friend. Make sure you are comfortable with your answers. Make sure your answers are genuine, “you”, truthful and authentic.

Good luck with your interviews. I know you can do it! I believe in you!

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Remember to practice your common interview questions prior to the interview, interviewing and the second interview!


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