Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 3

21  More Common Interview Questions. (21 More Challenging Interview Questions) Common Interviewing Questions 7-9 of 21

7. What is the most difficult work or personal experience you’ve ever had to face?

Here, the interviewer is looking to find out how you operate under pressure. Provide an example of a problem that had you under an unusual amount of pressure and how you resolved the situation. What was the end result?

8. Tell me how you have handled criticism of your work in the past.


The interviewer is trying to see if you have a sense of accepting responsibility for your actions. This question gives them insight into your professional character.

Tell them about a situation where you faced a problem and overcame it. You want to conclude your response by discussing what you learned from the experience. You never want to talk negatively about any past associates or organizations.

9. Which aspects of your work are criticized most often?


Ideally, your answer should give an example of something you overlooked or a mistake you made early on in your career. Respond with something like, “As a result of that learning experience, I pay more careful attention to that type of detail in all my work.”


Strategy to succeed with practicing for getting ready for the interview.

  1. Take these questions and put them into a document in your computer.
  2. Spend some time reflecting on how you would answer them. Come up with several different answers.
  3. Give yourself some time to think about your answers.
  4. Go back, read your answers again. Rank your answers, with your favorite answer as #1. Make sure you rank your answers based on how “comfortable” you are with answers. Make sure the answers are honest, real and genuine.
  5. Practice your answers verbally a loud with a friend, partner.
  6. Practice your answers again before every time you interview.


Good luck with your interview.

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Get the support from you friends and practice your answers a loud with them.


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