Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 4 – Questions 10-12

10. Which work habit would your current/recent boss like to see you change the most?


One way to approach this question is to explain a minor difference or preference between you and your past supervisor. Alternatively, explain a weakness you and your boss have worked on together to improve. It is important to show that the habit is a minor weakness that you recognized early and worked hard on to fix. The further back in your professional career this habit goes, the better an example it is.


11. Describe a situation at work that frustrated you.


This is a line of questioning where the interviewer is trying to gain insight into your professional personality. They are looking for an example where you were able to handle a difficult situation without being offensive, non-professional, or closed-minded. Provide an example that shows you are able to work through problems with tact and without creating hard feelings.


12. Tell me about a failed project, a project that did not work out.

Describe how you learned from the situation. Go on to explain how the situation has changed your professional and leadership style. Tell the interviewer, in hindsight, what you should have and could have done instead.

Here again you will want to add these to the list of common questions in the interview that you want to be ready for.

  1. Add this to your list of questions.
  2. Follow the suggestions on how to answer them. Remember when you are answering them to customize them with specific examples from your work experience. Remember to be truthful and genuine.
  3. Save them in your computer in a file marked “21 Common Interview Questions – 21 Challenging Questions”
  4. Printed off the updated copy.
  5. Read through your answers to the question and make sure you are happy with your answers.
  6. Tweak your answers if you need to make the answers sound more natural and authentic.
  7. Practice your answer a loud with a friend.
    If you feel adventurous, video your answers and listen to yourself. That experience can be a real eye opener. Remember to speak with energy, succinctly and with enthusiasm. When you answer a question always look the person directly in the eyes.
  8. Redo these steps before each time that you interview. This is a case that I do not think you can practice too much.


Have a great week! I believe in you!

Get a friend to help you study and role play your answers to these common interview questions.




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