Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 5 – Questions 13-15

  1. 13. Tell me about your least favorite past supervisor.

The interviewer is testing you on how you will speak of your previous superiors. Do not fall into the trap of talking negatively about anyone with whom you have worked in the past. If forced to discuss a situation, pick one that is not too negative, be brief, and focus on what you learned from the experience.

14. Who is the toughest boss you ever had to work for and why?

Here again, you are being set up to talk negatively of someone. Instead, share an example of a situation where this boss taught you something new. Divulge to the interviewer the positive traits this boss possessed in addition to the qualities that made him or her tough.

15. Share with me an example when you had a real problem getting along with one of your business associates.

Try to think of an example involving a difference in work ethics. You do not want to share an example regarding personality clashes. In choosing an example, communicate how you solved the problem and share the results.


When you answer these questions, I suggest you do not use examples that are current or fairly recent in your career.

Go further back in time if possible.

Share an example I turn it into a positive learning experience, where you are able to explain who it positively impacted your professional growth.

You never want to bad mouth anyone from the past. I would suggest you also avoid sharing any specific names of individuals in these answers. You never when something can come back to haunt you.


  1. Copy these questions into a file and create several versions of answers that you can pick from.
  2. As a friend, partner or career advisor to listen to your answers.
  3. These three questions need to be answered with a lot of thought put into them. Do not be hasty in just throwing any answer together.
  4. In this case in particular keep your answer brief. Less is better, providing of course you answer the question.

Think about your answers to these common interview questions carefully.

Good luck with your interviewing.

Have a great and positive week!

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