Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 7

19. Sell me this pen, stapler, etc.

The interviewer is testing to see how quickly you can think on your feet. You should be prepared to give a 30-second sales pitch on the benefits, features, and advantages of the suggested product.

20. Describe to me an example where you applied a time management skill that you learned to a work situation.

The interviewer is looking for an example where you worked to make your work environment a more productive one. If possible, explain how you helped increase productivity and save money.

21.Prove to me that your interest in this job and company is sincere and genuine.

You need to demonstrate a strong interest in the organization and the position. Use the information from your research to talk about the specific position and the company details that make you want to become an employee.

These last three questions are not has stressful as some of the previous questions you have studied and master.

Never the less you still want to put thought into your answers.


  1. Again, go to your file marked, “21 Common Interview Questions” and add these last three questions.
  2. Get creative for #19 and brain storm some ideas. Have fun with it with object that would be in an office, and create your answers.
  3. Question 20 will involve a little time. Remember you do not want to wander with your answer. Be crisp and susinct with your answer.
  4. The answer for question 21 should be easy, assuming you are truly interested in the job. If you are not sure after your interview with them, still answer in a positive way. You may find more information in the next interview that will change any concerns you may have about the position at this time. It is still a challenging labor market out there, at the expression, “a bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush” still applies to the labor market in this new economy.


I always advise my  candidates, do you have enough information at the time to make an intelligent decision?

My advice is to answer the question is a positive mode and get the next interview.

Have a great week.

I believe in you,

Think Positive, Get The Next Interview With Your Great Answers To These Questions!




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