Great Interview Questions – The 3 Most Important Interview Questions to Ask – Great Interviewing Questions

I want to share with you my set of questions that I have shared with all my candidates for the past 20 years. They are all very powerful questions that will evoke answers that supply you very important information regarding the position you are interviewing for and want!

Following are the four primary questions you should ask the interviewer at the end of your interview:

1) What three traits or characteristics are you looking for in the ideal candidate for this position?

a)    Three helps people get specific and narrows in on the most important traits.

b)   This line of questioning enables the interviewer to follow up their answer with mini success stories that specifically address their top three needs.


2) What problems do you currently have in the department (e.g., marketing /sales) that are not being resolved that you would like to see resolved in the next six months, one year, three years?


This question will give you a perspective on whether or not the hiring authority’s goals are realistic.


3) Is there anything about me or my background that causes you some concern in terms of me being seriously considered for this position?


Handle all objections on the spot.


4) What is the next step from here?


Get a sense of the interviewer’s timing.




Follow up with a thank you letter expressing you interest in the position and looking forward to the next interview/meeting.


Have a great week everyone. I believe in you.


“These are my personal professional interviewing questions for you”

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