Great Interview Questions: 4 Common Interviewing Questions You Will Be Asked

Additional Answers Hiring Authorities Are Looking For


1)   Why specifically is this person interested in working for our company?

2)   What problems will this person be able to solve for us? Does this person have the skill level and expertise we are looking for in this job?

3)   Why should I hire this person above all the other candidates? What makes this individual the best?

4)   What compensation is this person looking for relative to what I’m able to pay?

Remember that during the entire process, the interviewer is evaluating your answers relative to these four questions plus the previous three. Make sure you know what your answers to all of these questions will be during the interview. Practice aloud your written answers to all of the questions I am sharing with you, in preparation for your interviews.

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Take the 3 from yesterday and the 4 from today. Study and prepare answers for all 7 of these common interviewing questions.

A)   I am suggesting again that you take the time to type the question and then type your answer in a document in your computer. You can also but multiple answers to try out and then pick your favorite. You could also rank your answers to each question, so that you will have back up answers just in case.

B)   Now print this document off with the 7 common interview questions and your great answers.

C)   Re-read your document several times.

D)   Start practicing your answers verbally.

E)    Practice with your partner. Have them ask you the question and then you answer.

F)    Make sure that your answers sound like you, genuine, and authentic.

G)   If your answers so stiff and not natural, rewrite them and re-practice.

H)   Remember to review and practice this process prior to each interview.


I wish you the best of luck with your interviews!!

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Create a document with these questions and your answers to prepare for you interview. Practice your answers verbally a loud with someone.



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