Great Interview Questions – 50 Common Interview Questions for the Interview – Part 4 of 10

This week I am sharing with you another 5 common interview questions that are asked in the interview.

Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would
answer them. Read the questions listed; you will also find some
strategy suggestions with it.

(Excerpted from the book The Accelerated Job Search by Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D, published by The Management Advantage, Inc.)

16. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?
Answer yes if you would. But since you need to work, this is the type
of work you prefer. Do not say yes if you do not mean it.

17. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?
If you have not, say no. If you have, be honest, brief and avoid saying
negative things about the people or organization involved.

18. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.
You should be anxious for this question. It gives you a chance to
highlight your best points as they relate to the position being
discussed. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

19. Why should we hire you?
Point out how your assets meet what the organization needs. Do not
mention any other candidates to make a comparison.

20. Tell me about a suggestion you have made.
Have a good one ready. Be sure and use a suggestion that was accepted
and was then considered successful. One related to the type of work
applied for is a real plus.

Job Search Action Plan:

  1. Write this questions down.
  2. Look at the answer ideas that are listed above
  3. Write/type several versions of an answer to each question.
  4. Wait 24 hours before you look at your answers.
  5. Pick your strongest answer to practice.
  6. Practice a loud with a friend.
  7. Record or video tape your role playing during the questions and answer.
  8. Rewrite, rework you answers to improve them, based on your results from #7 above.
  9. Remember to speak clearly, sustinctly , with a strong and confident voice.

Good luck this week and all of you have interviews.


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