Great interview Questions: How to Answer the Common Interview Question on “Age”

Here is another common interview question related to the “age” issue that you might come across.


Again you do not know how they will ask this question so study the ones I am sharing with you in this blog.


Work on all of your answers for these common interviewing questions on the “age” issue.


That way you will be prepared, and able to think of your feet successfully in the interview.


The problem is you do not know at what point in the interview that the question can come up. That is why you need to be prepared in advance.


Review all your common interview questions and answers prior to each interview. That is the best way to be prepared.


QUESTON: Are you telling me you are willing to take a job below your level just to get a foot in the door?


ANSWER:  Since this would be a new industry/product area for me, I am willing to take the time to learn your business, industry, product area, customers and competitors; even if it means starting at a junior job relative to the job level I have worked in the past. I am willing to “earn my stripes” as they say.


I have always felt that the job title was not the most important aspect of any job. What is more important for me is to growing, and making a positive contribution to an organization. Sometimes you have to go a little back to go forward.


Job Search Expert Action Plan:


  1. Copy this letter in your interview question file.
  2. Write/type down several possible answers for this question.
  3. Wait 24 hours to review your answers and pick the strongest of the group that you will use in your interview.
  4. Practice with a friend, partner and or support person.
  5. Consider recording or videotaping your answers.
  6. Listen to your answers a loud. Do not lose heart.
  7. Practice is the key.
  8. Make sure you speak clear, succinctly, with confidence and do not rush your answer.


age guy in black on cell

Be confident in your answers to the common interview questions regarding “age”

Good luck with your interview.


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Have a great week!




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