Great Interview Questions: How to Answer Illegal Age Interview Question

Let’s talk about how to cope and “answer” some of the questions that are inappropriate  questions relative to whether you are valid candidate for the job or not. (In other words illegal interview questions.

Please do not take these questions personally, get angry of go on the defensive. Take a deep breath. Take the approach that the person that has asked you any of these questions that technically are illegal, may have asked the questions naively without the knowledge that these questions are illegal.

Traditionally in a larger company with a formal dedicated human resource department, you will not find the human resource executives asking you these questions. They are better versed and educated in what are appropriate and what are in appropriate interviewing questions.

You are more apt to find that these “mistakes” of asking these illegal questions during the interview process will happen by executives that are not involved in human resource and/or in smaller companies that do not have a sophisticated human resource department.

Give the interviewer the benefit of the doubt. Do not take the situation personally.

Question regarding your age.

Answer: Is there a specific age requirement for the position that I am unaware of? Could you tell what the specific age is you are looking for?

I can guarantee you that you will definitely throw them off. I would be surprised at this point if they would re-ask the question.

Answer: I was brought up that it is impolite to ask a lady (or gentleman) there age. What difference does my age make relative to the issue of whether or not I am a viable candidate for this position. If it is all right with you I would prefer to focus on the position in terms of duties, responsibilities and what problems are not currently being addressed in that department. What are your 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals for the department?

This way you are confirming that you are serious about interviewing, and looking for a long term position.

Write down your own answers to the “Age” question should it be asked. Practice with a friend.

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Help on How to Answer the Illegal Age Interview Question

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