Great Interview Questions: How to Answer The Interview Question on Weakness

This is an example of answering the weakness question relative to your interpersonal skills.

QUESTION: What do you consider to be your interpersonal skills?

Which interpersonal skills do you think you could use improvement in?

ANSWER: I actually consider interpersonal skills to be an area that I am strong in. With that all said and done, there are always areas we can improve in. I think that I would like to improve in the area of my non-verbal communication. I would like to learn to be able to be more expressive and learn a wider range of non-verbal communication that would be able to show my teammate my support for them, even when I am not saying anything, as in meetings while they are presenting.

When you are in the interview and they come around to asking you the interview questions about one of your weaknesses, one can tend to feel like you are being set up.

It kind of reminds me of the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?” In some ways, no matter how you answer the questions, it is hard to show yourself in good light.

In terms of answering the question about sharing one of your weaknesses with the interviewer, you need to be prepared in advance.

If you are not prepared in advance, you can really hurt yourself by shooting from the hip and “winging” it.

Here are some suggestions you need to follow to help you in the interview. 

  1. Write the answer to the general question. Write several answers, from several positions. It is better to use examples from your professional background that are not fairly recent. Save this in the computer file marked, “Interview Questions.”
  2. Wait 24 hours. Review your answers again. Refresh, revise, improve and edit your answers for each of the positions you have chosen to use.

Since you have chosen examples that are from a while ago, these examples will help re-enforce how you have overcome those weaknesses from the past and learned.

  1. Practice aloud with a friend, peer, and or support person. Record and or video tape your answers. Review the recordings and make the needed adjustment in your answers.
  2. Make sure you answers are true, genuine and authentic.
  3. In the interview, listen closely to the questions asked.
  4. Before you answer always breathe in and think prior to sharing you answer. Allow yourself the time to collect your answer in your mind, before you jump into the answer.
  5. Following all these tips will increase the likelihood of answering the question better and hitting a home run!

Don’t Let the Weakness Interview Questions Flip You Out! Practice Your Answer In Advance.

Good luck with your interviews this week.


I believe in you!


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