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Happy Halloween, I felt today we would have a little fun and learn at the same time.

I wanted to share with you some of the best creative interview questions that you might be asked and not be expecting. Like most moments in life, it is always better if you are not taken totally by surprise.

The following is a list of the more creative interview questions that I have gathered over the years.

In most cases there is no right or wrong answer. The interviewer is looking to surprise you and see how you think on your feet and at the same time, use it to get further insight to you the person.

Well, here we go gang, the weird, wild, create and bizarre interview questions you might be asked.

  1. If you were a box of cereal what type of cereal would you be and why?

A friend of mine from Chicago advertising agency shared this with me. I ask my friends this question sometime because I think it is such a fun question. Try it with your friends at your next party.

  1. If you were a car, what type of car would you be and why?

Again this question is from my same friend at the advertising agency.  Again great party question also.

  1. If you were a frog on a tree, what would you be doing?

This question came from the psychologist that Kohler hired when I was working on their Vice President of Marketing search several years ago.

  1. What is your favorite holiday and why?

This Gail Baker shared this with me. There was a seasonal gift products company that she was interviewing that asked her this question.

  1. If you were a season, which would you be and why?

Gail Baker also shared this question with me I believe from the same interview.

  1. Why are manhole covers round?

Microsoft uses this interview questions as part of their process.

Please send me your weirdest, most creative interview question you have been asked and I will post it in my blog, with or without your name, depending on your instructions.  I will send you a gift as a thank you for your helping in the “Most Creative, Bizarre and Weird Interview Question.

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