Great Interview Questions: Cosmic Lobsters

If you’re all out of ideas for questions to ask your future employer, do something crazy. If creativity has gotten you far, then try this. Think of two random words, like cosmic lobsters, and see where that takes you. It’s always worked for me. Vegetable Apocalypse. Purple snakes. Unicorn army. Demonic popcorn. Fluffy tofu. Teeth processor. Occasionally two words may not be enough. Three or four words are acceptable. Raspberry flavored wood. Candied pirate beards. Midnight blue beans. Have fun with it!

– Your friendly neighborhood Thought Master

If You Feel Like You Are In WIth the Sharks During the Interview, You are Not Alone”

Great Interview Questions from my daughter at 11:18 pm at night when I am tired and thinking of going to bed.



Today is my special daughter’s birthday, Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, who is soon to be a famous actress , playwrite and dirctor in London.