Great Interview Questions- Creative, Weird Interview Questions – Different Interview Questions – The Unexpected Interview Questions

More creative, unusual questions you could be asked during a job interview include:

1)   If you were a box of cereal, what type of cereal would you be and why?

2) If you were a car, what type of car would you be and why?

3)  If you were a frog in a tree, what would you be doing?

4) What is your favorite holiday and why?

5) If you were a season, which one would you be and why?


I will review with you in next week’s blog, a set of questions I have shared with all my job candidates over the years. These powerful questions can be posed of the interviewer to evoke answers that will supply important information about the position you are interviewing for and want!

Remember what I said at the beginning: Be yourself. Be sincere, genuine, and truthful and you will be that much closer to receiving a job offer.


Present yourself as a top-shelf professional executive who comes across as enthusiastic and confident.


The first two minutes are the most important. You need to establish a good rapport with the interviewer that will carry on consistently throughout the entire interview.


Also, remember to take your lists of questions with you. Depending on the amount of time the interviewer has allotted for the interview, you may not be able to ask all of them. You will have to gauge yourself there.


I suggest that, in addition to the questions I have shared with you here, you find more by going to your local library to take out several books on interview questions. Read through the additional interview questions you find, and practice your answers aloud, with a friend if possible. Remember to keep your answers succinct! Above all else, speak clearly with a confident voice!


Have a great week, preparing your great interview questions and answers prior to your interview.

Preparation is key. Be ready and be yourself in the interview.


Just because the questions are weird or creative does not mean you should look or act weird (Just kidding)

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Have a productive week.






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