Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employer – 14 Questions

This week we will talk about strategies for asking some great interview questions to ask the perspective employer, hiring authority or human resources.

When you are interviewing with the human resource person, realize that for the most part they will be screening you for the hiring authority. They will appear pleasant, but make no mistake that this is not a social visit. They are professionally evaluating your background relative to the other candidates they are considering for the same position you are interviewing for.

Remember that people hire people they know, like at trust. You at some point need to effectively communication your background to them in addition to creating some type of rapport with them. You must always appear genuine, professional and approachable at the same time.

The questions you will be asking the human resources executive should be more broad based questions relative to the company and its culture. Most human resource executives will not know the nitty gritty on specifics of department budgets, customer base, industry competitors and marketing strategies. Those types of questions should be saved and asked directly to your prospective supervisor that you would be reporting to.

Here are some examples of great interview questions to ask the human resource executive:

  1. How long as the company been in business?
  2. How large is the company in terms of employees and sales?
  3. What type of increase in sales are you’re looking for this year over last year? (they will either answer in sales dollars or most likely a percentage)
  4. How you would describe the overall cultural in this organization?
  5. How long have you been with the organization?
  6. What do you see as the biggest strength this organization has to offer its employees?
  7. Can you share with me the professional background of the person I would be reporting to?
  8. Can you share the professional backgrounds of the people I will be interviewing with next?
  9. Can you share with me a sense of the timing of this particular search?

10.Is there any question I can answer for you that you need further clarification on?

11.Isi there anything relative to my background and what we have discussed today, that would keep me from going to the next step in the process and being seriously considered as a viable candidate for this position?

12.What is the next step from here?

13.Who is the next person I would be interviewing with?

14.When should I follow up with you? How would you prefer I follow up with you, phone or email?

When you have asked all the questions to the human resource person that time allows, thank them for their time and prepare to leave.

Next week we will talk about more great interview questions to ask in the interview. In this case we will focus on great interview questions geared more toward the prospective hiring authority.

Good luck with your interviews this week.

I believe in you!

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Great Interview Questions When the Tables Are Turned And It Is Your Turn to Ask The Questions


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