Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer and Hiring Manager in the Interview (Part 3 of 4)

I am suggesting you add these great interview questions to ask the employer and hiring manager to your list of questions to review prior to each interview.

In the case of “Great Interview Questions to Ask the Employer and Hiring Manager”, these questions will be better saved for your second and third interview.

Traditionally the first interview is an interview that appears more of an overview approach during the meeting.  The first interview is more of a “get to know each other” interview. They will ask you basic questions to verify and clarify points on your resume. They are getting to “know you” and see if your “story” makes sense.

When you are asked back for a second and third interview, there is traditionally more time for you to ask more in depth questions. It is this point when you are with the hiring manager that you should be asking these great interview questions to ask employer in the interview.

QUESTION: What type of challenges can I expect to encounter if I take this position?

With the employer’s answer to this great interview question, they will give you the lay of the land where you can expect to fail. Now you can decided to a certain degree if this is a challenge that you are capable of taking on and which you can succeed at!

Their answer will always give some insight into if there are being realistic in their expectations on the position and the person they plan to hire.

QUESTION: What are your major concerns that need to be address immediately, in 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months?

Asking the question this way is more personal to the manager’s needs. It is more important that you meet their needs of what the problems are that need to be solved in their area.

QUESTION: What task forces or committees will I be part of?

This will help you get additional information on the internal dynamics of the department and company.

It will also give you a sense of the hierarchy. The answer will also give you insight into the process on how decisions are made.
This will give you cultural insight on the organization that you will want to confirm in your mind you are comfortable and professional thrive in.

QUESTION: Please explain to me how this position contributes to the overall company productivity, goals and profits?

This should re-enforce that this position needs to make a direct contribution to the company’s bottom line. The information will verify the impact this person will make within the organization in terms of productivity, goals and profits.

You then should take the opportunity during the interview to communicate to the hiring manager you commitment for making and helping improve the company’s productivity, goals and profits.

Remember to continue during the entire interviewing process to listen closely, take good note, breath and think before you answer their questions.

Add these questions to your computer and binder (with hard copy) to study before you go to your next interview.

Remember to use some of the information from these interviews in you follow up correspondence.

Make copies of these questions and add to your “Job Search Expert Interview Questions and Answers.”

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Great Interview Questions to Ask Employer

Good luck on your interview! I believe you!

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