Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer and Hiring Manager in the Interview (Part 4 of 4)

Saving the best great interview questions to ask the employer and hiring manager for Part 4.

The questions in this session will really help you drill down with some great specifics to give you a very clear road map of how to best position yourself.

My suggestion is to use some of this information to communicate your strength as a candidate for the position. Save some of the information you receive from these answers to use in your follow up correspondence.

Save this information in your computer and print a hard copy of today’s blog for your job search resource binder.

QUESTION: What areas could your team use a little improvement in?

QUESTION: What are the weakest areas in the department you are looking to improve?

Pick one of the questions above or modify it to represent your verbiage. This will give you the information to use to play back to the hiring manager how your background will improve and strengthen his team and department.

QUESTION: What are your goals for this department and how to the compare to the company’s goals?

The answer to this will give you tremendous insight into how the department is view and fits into the organization.

QUESTION A: Who are your two biggest competitors in the marketplace and where does you rank?

QUESTION B: How does your company stand up against your competitors in terms of strength and weaknesses?

You need to ask both questions to get the whole answer and the full perspective.

Once you find out where they rank and what they perceive to be their strengths and weaknesses, you then can highlight your background to show how your strengths, will “strengthen” their weaknesses and your other strengths will be aligned with their strengths. (Thus a perfect marriage)


QUESTIONS: What goals, (or objectives, or problems) need to be achieved (or solved) in the next six months, twelve months and eighteen months?

This is a great interview questions to ask the employer to get a sense of how realistic they goals are.


In addition it shows that hiring manager that you are goal oriented and have a sense of how to prioritize your projects.

QUESTION: What is your current most pressing business challenge or problem for your department?

QUESTION: What is the current most pressing business challenge or problem for organization?

Again the information you gather from BOTH of these questions will help give you an indication of the challenges that you can expect once you are on the job.

You then should take the opportunity during the interview to communicate to the hiring manager you commitment for making and helping improve the company’s productivity, goals and profits.

Remember to continue during the entire interviewing process to listen closely, take good note, breath and think before you answer their questions.

Add these questions to your computer and binder (with hard copy) to study before you go to your next interview.

Remember to use some of the information from these interviews in you follow up correspondence.

Make copies of these questions and add to your “Job Search Expert Interview Questions and Answers.”

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Good luck on your interview! I believe you!

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