Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer in the Interview (Part 2 of 4)

Today we continue with great strong questions to ask employer or hiring manager prior to accepting the job offer.

It is important after the first interview for you to know that the tables will start to turn. You will have the opportunity to now have more time for asking the important interview questions that you want to ask.

You want to ask questions that will help you gain good further insight into the challenges that the organization is looking to solve. Then you will be able to access the position more in terms of the fit relative you your career goals. In addition you by asking these questions it will open the opportunity for you to be able to gather information on the organization where you can use the answers to also parlay your expertise in terms of being the best person to help them solve their specific business problems that are currently not being solved.

Also based on the answers you receive from the questions in this four part series this month, you will want to use this information gathered in your follow up letters.

QUESTION: What do you like most about working here?

This is a way that you can gain some insight into the person you are interviewing with. I love this question because you will get a sense of the person. They are going to share their hopefully honest opinion with you. They may even share some insight into how they first felt when they accepted their job and started working there.

QUESTION: What are the day to day responsibilities that I will be assigned?

You put the questions in the assumptive mode that you have been offered the position and you are going to be working there.

The phrasing is also a subtle way “ask for the order”. You are re-enforcing your interest in the position in a subtle way.

QUESTION: Describe the company’s organizational structure?

After they share the information on the current reporting and organizational structure, ask if there are any organizational changes that the hiring manager is aware that will be taking place in the next 6 months, to 12 months.

QUESTION:  What are the skills and abilities that are necessary for someone to succeed in this position?

Listen to their answer and analyze how your personal and professional skills and abilities match or do not match. If you uncover a gap in terms of what they are looking for and some area that you lack, then plan to ask a question back to clarify any objection or conflict that may be present in terms of you being seriously considered as a viable candidate for this position that you are interviewing for.

You cannot effectively address any objections they may have unless you work to uncover them. Most time people will keep the objections silent.

Add these questions to your computer and binder (with hard copy) to study before you go to your next interview.

Remember to use some of the information from these interviews in you follow up correspondence.

Make copies of these questions and add to your “Job Search Expert Interview Questions and Answers.”

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Great Questions for the Employer When Interviewing the Hiring Manager

Good luck on your interview! I believe you!

Have a great week.



Eleanor Anne Sweet

Executive Job Search Expert Coach. Tm