Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask The Employer About the Job Description Part 4 of 7

You have gathered information for the interviewer on a sense of the strategic future plans of the organization. Now it is time to ask some more in depth questions relative to the actual position itself.

This next phase will assume that you have uncovered information regarding their professional ground.  This means the management team, and specifically the perspective supervisor. You should have a sense of their “vision” for their department.

Now you want to drill down on the actual position itself that you are considering.

Understand you will never fully have 100% of the information on the position prior to accepting the position. You will never have 100% because life is always changing.

Accepting a position is like getting “married”. You know a lot about your future spouse but you never know them 100% prior to getting married. Then when you are married, in the course of your marriage everybody grows and changes to different degrees.

The same is true when working for a company, never more true in this new economy as America and the world redefines themselves.

With that all said and done, here are just a couple of questions you should ask:

Question: What are your 6 months, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goal for someone in this position?

Question: What problem(s) are you expecting this person in this position to solve in the first 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months?

Question: What is the realistic career path internally for a person in this position?

Question: How many people does this person supervise? If the answer is no, then ask,”Do you envision this person supervising someone in the future?”

Question: Is there a bonus with this position? If yes, historically in the last three years what type of bonus has been paid out of someone in this position?

**A word of caution regarding this last question, save the salary conversation when it is truly appropriate, just prior to an offer. This will tend to be during the third and fourth interview.**

Good luck with your interviews this week.

I believe in you!

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Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask The Employer During the Interview

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