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The next type of questions you want to ask the person you are interviewing with are those that relate to getting additional information and details regarding the organizational structure.

These types of questions could be asked of the human resources executive, hiring manager and future supervisor. This is where you want to understand the interacting and reporting structures within the organization. The answer will give you a sense of the hierarchy and how the position you are interviewing for fits into the organization.

Even though you have done research and uncovered possibly some of this information, you want to reaffirm that you have current accurate information.

Some examples of these types of questions would be the following:

Question: Would you explain to me the management structure and how all the departments interact?

QuestionDo you work on the team concept or individual basis?

Question: Does the company operate on a fiscal or annual basis?

Question: Where do you expect you biggest need and growth of employees to be in the next year, which department?

Question: Which departments do you expect to outsource in the next one, three year and five years?

When you get the answers to some of these questions, it will give you a good insight into the “possible” growth opportunities of the organization that may have been obvious in the initial interviews.

Also some of the answers will help you have some insight also where there could be some downsizing in the future. Please I must caution you that all of this is casual information, but good be somewhat of an indication of the future internal structure plans for the organization.

The answers should merely be used as guidelines, given the fact that live has a way of changing. Nothing is cast in stone.

Good luck with your interviews this week.

I believe in you!

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Interview Questions to Ask Employer About the Organizational Structure



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