Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employer

Let’s talk about turning the tables, now it’s your turn to ask the questions.

Now the time has come where they turn to you and ask, “What questions do you have for me? Or “Do you have any questions?”

Now you are going to be tested again and evaluated based on the type of questions you are going to ask.

The interviewer is going to evaluate you based on the caliber and nature of the questions that you will be asking of them at this point in the interview.

Evaluate how well prepared you are for the interview. And if you have you done your homework.

They will be grading you based on:

How well versed about their company

The depth of your knowledge regarding the industry

See if they can uncover weaknesses or flaws relative to your work ethics, attitude or lack of appropriate knowledge needed for the position you are interviewing for

Determine the strength of your genuine interest in this particular job, and not just any job

Try to get a sense of your core values

What are your priorities both professionally and personally?

Again the key is to be very well prepared in advance.

You want to prepare questions that will help you gain good quality information regarding the position and company you are interviewing with. In addition you should work on phrasing you question succinctly. Your questions should also show your strength in terms of intelligence, industry knowledge, job area expertise and the job that you are genuinely interest in their company and their position.

In next week’s blog I will share some examples of questions that you can use as guidelines for questions that you can ask when it comes to the “Tables are Turned” during the interview.

This week practice drafting some questions to use when it is your turn to ask the questions. To help you create your questions, reflect back on previous interviewing situations the type of questions you asked. Also if you are preparing for an upcoming interview, save a copy in the computer of the questions you intend to ask.

Remember to continue to do your research on the organizations you will be interviewing with and applying for positions.

Good luck with your interviews this week.

I believe in you!

Good luck,


Interview Questions to Ask Employer


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