Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employers About Their Companies Part 2 of 3

This week I will share with you some ideas of great interview questions to ask employers regarding the second type of question where you gain insight and learn more about the organization.

You want your questions of this type to show that you are genuinely interested in their organization. They will know that you have done your homework.  Then they will know that you care about their organization, and indirectly care about them.

Part of your homework in addition to researching the background of the company, the executives that you are interviewing with, will also be to try to reach out to people that used to work for the company. Gain additional information from their perspective, understanding that they may tend be more negative than those that are currently with the organization. Never the less it should be part of your research.

Work on creating a list your top 10-20 questions you have at this time regarding the organization or position you are in the process of interviewing for. Make it a game, and see how many of the questions you can uncover the answer for relative to your research.

The questions you have not been able to find the answers for will be some of the questions you will want to remember to ask at the appropriate time during the interviewing process.

In this type of questions you want to “sprinkle” examples of some of the information you have uncovered in your pre-research of the company. Be careful to do it with genuineness, and not come off as boasting.

Question: How has the new management improved the organization?

Question: How is your newest product line going impact the future of your company?

Question:  What are you most personally proud of that you have accomplished while you have been with ABC Company?

Question: What are the future plans of ABC Company in terms of successfully increasing your business in this current economy?

Question: What is your greatest strength in the market place relative you your biggest competitor?

Question: What are your three top channels of distribution?

The questions listed above will give you some ideas on what questions you will want to ask.

Next week we will look at the third type of information questions to ask the employer relative to the organizational structure.

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