Great Interview Questions: Best Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources part 4 of 4

The great interview questions to ask in an interviewer of a human resource executive I am sure you have noticed are different than those other great interview questions you ask the other people you interview with during the process.

Human resources are very strong in terms of great interview questions regarding the company culture, job description and areas that are broad overviews of the company. They are very good at the big picture view. You will find that they are not good on specifics and nitty-gritty relative to the actual position and department as a rule. Those are best left to asking the hiring authority. We will get into those questions next month.

QUESTION: What major problems are you (“we” for the gutsy) having in this company that are not currently solved? What major problems are they having in the ______ department that is not currently being resolved?

Basically you want to see if they will be candid about any problems that they are having that they could use your help on. Also again this is another question that helps give you some further insight in terms of what to potentially expect once you are board.

QUESTION: What can you tell me about the overall management that you think I should be aware of?

Again this a good interview question to ask human resources. There answer will give you further insight into the overall company environment and to compare to the previous information you have gathered relative to this particular topic. Reality is close to the combine answers and information you have gathered regarding company culture and environment.

QUESTION:  Does the company have a mission statement that you are able to share with me?

This is a great interview question that helps give you an idea how formal, structured and organized the company is. You give you also a sense of how focused they are and how strong their vision is in terms of how they relate to their employees, customers and the world.

QUESTION:  Can you give me an idea how much you feel the position I am interviewing for impacts the bottom line?

This will help give you an idea of the internal significance of the position and the department you are interviewing for.  Depending on what their answer is, it will also give you insight into whether are part of an expense center or part of the profit center.  If you are considered part of one of their profit centers, than you will have a higher probability of surviving if the business takes a temporary downturn.

Great Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources

I suggest you back and study all of the 4 sections in this part of “Great Questions to Ask Human Resources” prior to your next interview with human resources.

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