Great Interview Questions: The Interview – Telephone Interview Questions



When preparing and working on your great interview
questions, you will find that most likely your first interview will be a phone

It is important while going over your common interview
questions and getting ready for the interview and the second interview that you
focus on how to show yourself in your best light during the phone interview.

The purpose of the phone interview is to great enough
interest in the person interviewing you to ask you in for a second interview,
usually a face to face interview.

Follow my tips and you will increase the odds of
making it to the next interview:

for the Phone Interview

1.Remember that the purpose of a phone interview is to get the face-to-face interview.

2.Make sure you have a professional, outgoing greeting on your phone for the times you are unavailable to answer.

3.Use a land line for the phone interview as opposed to a cell phone.

4.Make sure you are in a quiet location, far from distractions.

5.If possible, be the one who places the call so you can have control over exactly when the interview takes place.

6.Make sure the time that is set up is specific rather than a large span.

7.Make sure you allow enough time away from other commitments for the call. A rule of thumb is to allow an hour. Most phone
interviews take less time than that.

8.Dress for the session. Studies have shown that you will project yourself in a more confident and professional manner if you
are dressed in business attire.


9.Standing up during the phone interview will help improve the strength of your voice and your answers. That is because you
will be speaking from your diaphragm. As a result, your voice will be energized.

10. Speak clearly and enunciate.

11. Let the interviewer hang up the phone and end the conversation first. Following this simple yet gracious
social gesture leaves the other party with a subtly biased good feeling toward you.

12. Don’t forget to follow up with a thank-you note within 24 hours.

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I wish you the best of luck with your phone interview.


Eleanor Anne Sweet

The Job Search Expert. tm


Always try to use a phone with a dedicated land line for clarity and to avoid dropped calls when you are doing your phone interview. Avoid using your cell phone if possible.



Phone Interview – It is better to use a land line phone and not your cell phone to avoid dropping the call and having interference problems during the interview.


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