Great Interview Questions: Strong Questions to Use When Interviewing the Hiring Manager: Part 1 of 4

This month I will share with you some of the stronger questions to ask the hiring authority during you interviews with them. I would suggest that these questions be asked during the second, third or fourth interview.

I would suggest that you focus on the first interview in developing rapport with the people you interview with. Remember people hire people that they know, like and trust.

When you go for your next series of interviews, then you will want to use these questions to probe for additional insight into the organization, their goals, areas they need help with and the “realities” of the problems they are looking for help to solve.

QUESTION: What are some of the problems that are keeping you up at night?

QUESTION: What is your most pressing business challenge you are coping with?

Both these questions are basically the same question asked in two different ways. Pick one of the suggested questions and modify it to fit your verbiage.

When the hiring authority gives you there answer, it will give you an indication of what problem you will be able to immediately help them with. Follow with an ANSWER where you able them understand how you are the perfect candidate to solve their problem, THAT SPECIFIC PROBLEM.

QUESTION: What do you see as the most important areas/opportunities for the improvement in your department should I join?

Again their answer will give you a road map on how to respond. It will also help you give you the information to know which is the most important problem to focus on. It gives you a clear sense of the priorities for the department.

QUESTIONWhat are the organization’s /departments three most important goals?

This answer will give you an understanding of what 3 major areas/goals you will be professional evaluated on in the event that end of working in this organization/department.

QUESTION: What type of impact do you envision the person that is hired for this position having on the achievement of the goal that you just mentioned?

The answer will help you give you an idea of how important the job is and how important it is to fill the position.

Make copies of these questions and add to your “Job Search Expert Interview Questions and Answers.”

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Strong Questions to Ask When Interviewing With Hiring Authority

Good luck on your interview! I believe you!



Eleanor Anne Sweet

Executive Job Search Expert Coach. Tm