Great Interview Questions: Different Styles of Interviewing Questions to Expect

Great Interview Questions to Ask Employers

There are two styles of executive job search interviewing:

1)   Traditional executive job interviews which tend to use broad based questions. (Commonly felt to be 10% predictive of future on-the-job-behavior.)

a)    Does the executive job seeker have the needed skills?

b)   Does the executive job seeker have the ability to do the job?

c)    Does the executive job seeker have the desired enthusiasm?

d)   Does the executive  job seeker have the work ethics the employer expects?

e)    Will theexecutive job seeker to be a team player and fit into the organization?


2)   Behavioral executive job interview which tend to look at the past experience as an indicator of future behavior, using specific questions. (Commonly felt to be 55% predictive of future on-the-job behavior)

Use questions that look into past specific behaviors. (SAR+1) (SAR = Situation  + Action Taken = Results Achieved

Answer these types of executive job search questions:

a)    Describe a situation/problem that applies to the executive job search question.

b)   Discuss what type of action you took for the situation.

c)    Give the details of the result/outcome.

d)   Share what you learned from that situation.

Have a list of 6-7 examples from your past executive job  experience where you have answered the above questions for practice before your interview, using the 4 steps listed above. I suggest you type your answers up to make everything clear and succinct in your mind.

Use 3 accomplishments from your resume.

Use 3 from negative situations that you turned around or made the best of the outcome.

Remember during the interview process at all times to appear fully authentic and genuine.


Next time I will discuss the different types of interviews there are that you need to prepare for.

I believe in you, I know you will do great on your interview, once you practice these great interview questions and tips that I am sharing with you on this blog.

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