Great Interview Questions: Understand the Basics of the Job Interview

Let’s review the basics,

Remember during the interview process at all times to be yourself. You want to appear totally genuine and authentic. People sense if you’re putting on an act and will be immediately turned off. Make sure you speak with a deep self- assuredness, humility, authority, wisdom, and a strong clear voice. You also want to make sure that your “audience” can clearly sense your confidence, enthusiasm and ability as a strong decisive decision maker.

Needless to say there are countless interview questions that can be asked. In addition there are countless resources available to you to research additional interview questions.

Keep in mind at all times that all the work you have done up to now in the process, has helped you get to the point of being able to interview. You will get hired because of the quality of the job you during the interview session. How well you present yourself, your professional background and how it applies to the position you’re interviewing for is the name of the game at this point.
Also remember that the people hired are not always the best at doing the job, rather they are the best at getting the job. People hire people they like and at the same time they will go for the person who might be more personable on the job. So remember to be yourself, and speak enthusiastically. Make sure they have a sense of who you are as a person and your personality.

People will hire someone they will they “know”, like and trust. They have to trust that you can do the job. These are the three areas in the interview process that you need to focus.

Good luck with your interviews this week.

I believe in you!

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