Great Interview Questions:Great Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources Part 1 of 4

I want to switch gears today and talk about Great Interview Questions to ask during the interview.

Now the tables are turned and you need to ask the questions of the human resources person and the hiring authority.

Today I will talk to you about great interview questions to ask of the human resource person you are interviewing with. This also makes the assumption at this point that this is your second or third interview with the company.

The focus on this month’s blogs will be looking at some of the more effective great interview questions to ask an interviewer in the HR area.

QUESTION: What initially attracted you to want to work for this company and what do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the organization from your perspective?

I like this question because it is more personal in nature. People always love to have their option asked. It always reflects back on them in a positive way. It makes them feel important, and able to add value to the conversation.
remember we have talked about people like to hire people, they know like and trust. This type of question helps you start to bridge on a slightly personal nature, but not unprofessional and too invasive personally.

Also note how the question is two combined to turbo charge your answers, and save time during the interviewing process.

QUESTION:  What do you like best about working here?

Again, this is getting their personal perspective.

QUESTION: What did you find different about the organization, once you started working here?

This will also give you a perspective on how candid they are. It is also a way to subtly uncover any surprise areas or problems area that may not have been discussed. For the most part expect these questions to provide more positive information.

QUESTION: How would you describe the culture here and/or upper management’s business philosophy?

It is important to try and get a sense of what the actual work environment is like while one is working there.

Understand that this information will not give you a total perspective on the answer, until you yourself are actually working for the organization.

Next week I will share with your four additional questions to consider, when the tables are turned with human resources and it is your turn come up with good interview questions.

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Great Interview Questions to Ask Employers

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