Great Interview Questions:Great Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources Part 2 of 4

Now the tables are turned and it is your time to ask some great interview questions in an interview.  As you progress through the interviewing process, your best interview questions to ask will become good interview questions that continue to be more in-depth, with each interview.

Traditionally the interviewing process will comprise of 3-4 interviews. With this current labor market, companies are requiring more interviews, and postponing interviews. Remember at all times that their sense of urgency is not the same as yours.

Traditionally more and more companies are doing phone interviews for the first initial interview, even for local positions. The primary reason is to save time. Do not be put off, and prepare in advance with all your research and confidence, the same way you would for a face to face.

Usually during a phone interview, there will be limited time for you to ask your best interview questions. Be prepared to save those for later in the process. During the second, third and fourth interview.

With that said and done, the following great interview questions to ask in an interview would apply to a face to face interview better.

QUESTION:  How would you describe the work environment here?

This question is similar to one of last week’s question but slightly different. This particular great interview question to ask, I would suggest for your first or second face to face meeting.  Also at this time you can comment after their answer about your strong work ethics, and what a hard worker you are in completing your projects and strong ability to find solutions to unresolved problems in your area of scope of responsibility.

QUESTION:  Would you please describe to me more about what my responsibilities would be on day-day basis?

I suggest you use this question on your second of third face to face interview with human resources.  If you have been given in some way access to the job description in advance, you then will be able to use your knowledge of that job description, in the phrasing of your question.

QUESTION: What is the next step from here?

This will give you a perspective of what to hypothetically expect from the process. Understand that their sense of timing and urgency will realistically change relative to this answer over time. It is still worth asking the question as it will give you a “gage” of reality of the timing and process of the search.

I consider this one of the strong best interview questions to ask. It shows your interest, confidence, and also asks them for important valid feedback in a non-confrontational way that they will respect. In some ways you are “going for the order.”

QUESTION:  Before I leave, can you tell if there is anything relative to my background that would keep me from being seriously considered as a strong candidate for this position that you think I should be aware of?

One of the single best questions to ask. This great interview question in my mind is the best interview question to ask. This question gives you the important feedback on the spot in terms of being able to do “damage control” right on the spot to any areas of your professional background that were misunderstood and may be eliminating your ability to go forward to the next rounds of interviews.

Do not hesitate from asking this question. Rephrase to your words if you are uncomfortable with the verbiage I am sharing with you today.

Remember to ask this great interview question at the end of all your interviews, separately with each person you interview with.

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Great Interview Questions When the Tables Are Turned And It Is Your Turn to Ask Interview Questions

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