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The following informatino is from my book, The NEW Rules of Job Search – How to Land an Executive Job in the New Economy, pages 193-195, “Interview Questions That Change the Game”.

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3 Questions They Will Ask

What are the top three interview questions that are asked in some way by most interviewers?

1.Do you have the qualifications? Can you do the job?

With this question the interviewer is evaluating whether you have the technical background, training, education, capabilities, and experience to perform the job.

Do you have a valid track record of results and accomplishments

that match the position you’re interviewing


Do you have the knowledge, intelligence, and political

savvy to get the job done?

2. Will you fi t in with our organization?

Does the hiring authority envision you interacting with their team?

Do you have a personality that shows a level of flexibility and a management style that can accommodate changes?

Are you a team player?

How well will you get along with your future boss and peers?

How well will you get along with your subordinate staff?

The person hiring you is asking themselves, “If I make the decision to hire this individual, will that decision reflect well or poorly on me within the organization?

Ideally, they want to see you as a good fit for their organization in terms of core values, personality, the ability to work with others, and the suitability to be

part of their team.

3. Why do you want the job?

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference strong enthusiasm plays in the interviewing process.

Did you appear to the hiring authority as though you came fully prepared for the interview?

Did you do your homework in advance?

How much research on the company did you do in advance?

How much did you engage and actively participate in the interviewing process and with all those with whom you interviewed?

4 Answers Employers are Looking For

1. Why specifically is this person interested in working for our company?

2. What problems will this person be able to solve for us?

Does this person have the skill level and expertise we are looking for in this job?

3. Why should I hire this person above all the other candidates?

What makes this individual the best?

4. What compensation is this person looking for relative to what I’m able to pay?

Remember that during the entire process, the interviewer is evaluating your answers relative to these four questions plus the previous three. Make sure you know what your answers to all

of these questions will be during the interview. Practice aloud your written answers to all of the questions I am sharing with you, in preparation for your interviews.

Good luck landing that next great job.

Good luck with your next interview.

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Eleanor Anne Sweet - Executive Job Search Expert