Great Interviewing Questions: Interview Questions Relative to “Age” Issue – How to Handle and Answer

During the interview one of the common interview questions that can up is a subtle or not so subtle question relative to age, either being too young or too old. I am sharing with you some questions relative to the “age issue” with some guidelines on how to answer them.


1)      QUESTION: “You have all the qualifications that we are looking for in the ideal candidate for this position.  The supervisor for this position is 15 years younger than you. How would you feel reporting to someone younger? Would that be a problem?


ANSWER: Personally I think age is a head set; it is all between the ears. I read business books and magazines such as Inc., Business Week that are written for men in their 30’s and 40’s.


I am constantly taking business course to be on the leading edge in my profession. I committed to continuing growth.

I suspect that some of my life experience and leading multi-generational teams will be an asset for the organization.

2)    QUESTON: Are you telling me you are willing to take a job below your level just to get a foot in the door?


ANSWER:  Since this would be a new industry/product area for me, I am willing to take the time to learn your business, industry, product area, customers and competitors; even if it means starting at a junior job relative to the job level I have worked in the past. I am willing to “earn my stripes” as they say.


I have always felt that the job title was not the most important aspect of any job. What is more important for me is to growing, and making a positive contribution to an organization. Sometimes you have to go a little back to go forward.


Job Search Action Plan:

  1. Again, remember to copy this questions info a file.
  2. Write/type some of your answers that come to mind.
  3. After 24 hours read your answers and pick you best answer to practice.
  4. Practice aloud with a friend, partner or support person.
  5. Consider videotaping or recording your answer. Listen to the recording and think about how you can improve your answer.
  6. Remember to speak clearly, succinctly and with confidence.


Be prepared for the common interview questions regarding “age”.

Good luck this week with your job search.


Eleanor Anne Sweet

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