Job Search 2018! Executive Job Search Tips: The key to winning in 2018 is do your research and practice your answers

Sweet job tips: Job Search 2018– Job Search Success

I want to wish all of you a wonderful year in 2018 in terms of successfully achieving all your:

1. Career and professional goals

2. Personal Development goals.

3. Intellectual and educational goals.

4. Family and relationship goals.

5. Spiritual and inner development goals.

6. Community and service goals.

7. Creative goals.

8. Health and fitness goals.

9. Travel goals – meeting new people and places.

10. Material and tangible goals.

I wish you the best of EVERYTHING in 2018!

The labor market will be coming back more in 2018!


I ran across something that Eleanor Roosevelt in one of her newspaper columns that I want to share with you for this new year…

“I wish for those I love this New Year an opportunity to earn sufficient; to have that which they need fro their own and to give that which they desire to others; to bring into the lives of those about them some measure of job; to know the satisfaction of work well done, of recreation earned and therefore savored; to end the year a little wiser, a little kinder and therefore a little happier.”

She really sums up my wishes for all of your in this up coming year!

May each of use the start of a fresh new year, a fresh new start and beginning to be determined to try each day to seek and strive for our own true welfare and the welfare others.

All the blessings in the New Year in 2018!



Executive Job Search Coach and friend.


Happy New Year!

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