Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 6

Questions # 16-18 Q 16. Have you ever had to work for a manager who was difficult to get along with or whom you thought was unfair to you? Again, you need to avoid any negative comments about any individuals. The interviewer is testing you to see if you’re the type to badmouth people.Q 17.…

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Great Interview Questions Blog: Most Creative, Wierd and Different Interview Questions Contest with Prizes!

Happy Halloween, I felt today we would have a little fun and learn at the same time. I wanted to share with you some of the best creative interview questions that you might be asked and not be expecting. Like most moments in life, it is always better if you are not taken totally by…

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Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employers About Their Companies Part 2 of 7

This week I will share with you some ideas of great interview questions to ask employers regarding the second type of question where you gain insight and learn more about the organization. You want your questions of this type to show that you are genuinely interested in their organization. They will know that you have…

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