Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer: Part 6 of 7

Today I will talk to you about the sixth type of interview questions you ask the employer. These last two questions in some way are the most important of the all the questions we have discussed to this point. If you have not had the chance at some point during the course of all the…

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Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions part 2

21 More Challenging Interview Scenarios 4.  Worried about being considered “Over Qualified”,  Anxiety over being considered overqualified During the interview, make sure that you express interest, admiration, and enthusiasm for both the position and the company. Nothing wins over a hiring manager more than a positive attitude and a passion for the job and the…

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Great Interview Questions: Cosmic Lobsters

If you’re all out of ideas for questions to ask your future employer, do something crazy. If creativity has gotten you far, then try this. Think of two random words, like cosmic lobsters, and see where that takes you. It’s always worked for me. Vegetable Apocalypse. Purple snakes. Unicorn army. Demonic popcorn. Fluffy tofu. Teeth…

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