Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employer

  Let’s talk about turning the tables, now it’s your turn to ask the questions. Now the time has come where they turn to you and ask, “What questions do you have for me? Or “Do you have any questions?” Now you are going to be tested again and evaluated based on the type of…

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Great Interview Questions: 10 Types of Interviews Where the Interview Questions are Asked?

With Great interview Questions one must also consider “What Great Interview Questions are you going to ask during your various interviews?” First consider that in this current market it is taking a minimum of double the normal number of interviews to get hired. Before this deep recession and this new economy, it was not unusual…

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Great Interview Questions – 50 Common Interview Questions for the Interview – Part 4 of 10

This week I am sharing with you another 5 common interview questions that are asked in the interview. Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would answer them. Read the questions listed; you will also find some strategy suggestions with it. (Excerpted from the book The Accelerated Job Search by Wayne D.…

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