Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer and Hiring Manager in the Interview (Part 4 of 4)

Saving the best great interview questions to ask the employer and hiring manager for Part 4. The questions in this session will really help you drill down with some great specifics to give you a very clear road map of how to best position yourself. My suggestion is to use some of this information to…

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Great Interview Questions: 50 Good Common Interview Questions that May be Asked on the Interview Part 1 of 10

50 COMMON INTERVIEW Q&A   Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would answer them. Read the questions listed; you will also find some strategy suggestions with it. (Excerpted from the book The Accelerated Job Search by Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D, published by The Management Advantage, Inc.) 1. Tell me about yourself: The…

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