Great Interview Questions: 50 Common Interview Questions Part 7 of 10

This week I want to share with you 5 more common interview questions that can be asked in the interview. I suggest you add them to your file marked, “Interview Questions”. I am sharing with you “Job Search Expert Interview Questions System”. If you follow the directions listed below, you will greatly improve the result…

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Great Interview Questions: How to Answer Illegal Age Interview Question

Let’s talk about how to cope and “answer” some of the questions that are inappropriate  questions relative to whether you are valid candidate for the job or not. (In other words illegal interview questions. Please do not take these questions personally, get angry of go on the defensive. Take a deep breath. Take the approach…

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Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions part 2

21 More Challenging Interview Scenarios 4.  Worried about being considered “Over Qualified”,  Anxiety over being considered overqualified During the interview, make sure that you express interest, admiration, and enthusiasm for both the position and the company. Nothing wins over a hiring manager more than a positive attitude and a passion for the job and the…

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