Great Interview Questions: How to Answer Illegal Age Interview Question

Let’s talk about how to cope and “answer” some of the questions that are inappropriate  questions relative to whether you are valid candidate for the job or not. (In other words illegal interview questions. Please do not take these questions personally, get angry of go on the defensive. Take a deep breath. Take the approach…

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Great Interview Questions – 21 Common Interview Questions Part 5 – Questions 13-15

13. Tell me about your least favorite past supervisor. The interviewer is testing you on how you will speak of your previous superiors. Do not fall into the trap of talking negatively about anyone with whom you have worked in the past. If forced to discuss a situation, pick one that is not too negative,…

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Job Search 2015! Job Search Tips: The key to winning in 2015 is do your research and practice your answers

Sweet job tips: Job Search 2015 – Job Search Success – Happy New Year 2015 I want to wish all of you a wonderful year in 2015 in terms of successfully achieving all your: 1. Career and professional goals 2. Personal Development goals. 3. Intellectual and educational goals. 4. Family and relationship goals. 5. Spiritual…

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