Great Interview Questions:Great Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources Part 2 of 4

Now the tables are turned and it is your time to ask some great interview questions in an interview.  As you progress through the interviewing process, your best interview questions to ask will become good interview questions that continue to be more in-depth, with each interview. Traditionally the interviewing process will comprise of 3-4 interviews.…

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Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask the Employer Regarding Company Culture Part 5 of 7

Now we go into the fifth question type of question you ask the employer when the tables are turned, and it is your chance to ask questions regarding company culture. In this case of this type of interview question, you should ask this type of question to everyone one you interview with, human resources, hiring…

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Great Interview Questions: Interview Questions to Ask Employer About Their Organizational Structure Part of 3 of 7

The next type of questions you want to ask the person you are interviewing with are those that relate to getting additional information and details regarding the organizational structure. These types of questions could be asked of the human resources executive, hiring manager and future supervisor. This is where you want to understand the interacting…

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