Great Interview Questions: Understand the Basics of the Job Interview

Let’s review the basics, Remember during the interview process at all times to be yourself. You want to appear totally genuine and authentic. People sense if you’re putting on an act and will be immediately turned off. Make sure you speak with a deep self- assuredness, humility, authority, wisdom, and a strong clear voice. You…

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Great Interview Questions:Great Interview Questions to Ask Employer for Rapport Building Part 1 of 7

When you first meet the person you are interviewing with, you want to help them get to know like and trust you by building some type of rapport with them. Understand that to start with it is at best an awkward situation. Basically you are two strangers meeting for the first time. This is similar…

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Great Interview Questions: Best Interview Questions to Ask Human Resources part 4 of 4

The great interview questions to ask in an interviewer of a human resource executive I am sure you have noticed are different than those other great interview questions you ask the other people you interview with during the process. Human resources are very strong in terms of great interview questions regarding the company culture, job…

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